Monday, July 26, 2021

A short reflection of the last 12 months and its impact.
Looking at the role of the specialist nurse and the focus of BAUN as an association.

Tadas' efforts have led to increased awareness and understanding of relevant etiologies behind urinary tract infections for intermittent catheter users. Working closely with a global team at Hollister Incorporated, he has been actively disseminating the importance of antimicrobial resistance stewardship and advanced device development in addressing ongoing and future human health issues.

For all areas of healthcare, there are myths and truths regarding diagnosis and treatment of conditions along with a variety of opinion and beliefs surrounding prevention and health promotion.  This is especially true since the increase in use of the internet.  This presentation aims to dispell some of the common myths perceived by patients in relation to urinary tract infections and consider the important truths and how patients can access appropriate information.

10:45 AM -
11:15 AM

The specialist continence service at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides specialist advice and support to facilitate patient-centred care, offering effective management of bladder and bowel dysfunction within acute and community setting. The service also provides a continence product delivery service, which facilitates a controlled regular supply of products direct to clients. The nurse consultant at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust led on the development and implementation of a programme of work to improve catheter care and reduce urinary tract infection rates locally. This programme has improved outcomes, experiences and use of resources by addressing unwarranted variation in practice.

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Recurrent urinary tract infection (rUTI) is a chronic condition and has a significant impact on health‐related quality of life. The commonly used definition for rUTI is greater than three episodes in a year or more than two in 6 months. There are many different forms of treatment (including conservative and pharmacological) available in the management of rUTI’s that is available both over the counter and on prescription but there are significant variations in treatment recommendations.  This session aims to review all the different treatment options available and consider the evidence for their use in practice.

This interactive panel discussion will provide delegates with an overview of the Covid-19 experience:

  • The role of the nurse during COVID-19
  • Working together – The care pathway during and beyond lockdown
  • Complications and adaptations – CAUTIs, side effects
  • Continence care and mental health and wellbeing during and beyond COVID-19
  • Returning to a new normal and next steps

3:30 PM -
3:45 PM