Monday, July 18, 2022

Each time a patient self-catheterizes, the risk of pathogens entering the urinary tract increases.  Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are frequent and can lead to life threatening conditions.   Limiting the amount of exposure the catheter has to touch contamination of the catheter surface when in use could help reduce introduction of pathogens into the urinary tract.  The purpose of this study was to compare five marketed hydrophilic intermittent catheters (HIC) with protective features including either a protective sleeve or protective tip, protective sleeve and cap using an in vitro assay that tracked the bioburden of touch transfer during a simulated use of the catheters.  HICs with a protective tip and sleeve demonstrated more than a 96% reduction in microbial transfer of uropathogens compared to other sleeved catheters without a protective tip.  The data demonstrates that HICs equipped with both protective tip and sleeve offer the most effective protection against pathogen transfer during catheterization and may reduce the risks of UTIs due to pathogen transfer.

The session will cover how the Impact Study Results influence clinical practice through case studies and clinical experiences.

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Lets pause and take a look take a look at nursing and nursing innovations

Lets reflect celebrate .. and consider future proofing this rich creative and influential opportunity that is afforded to the Role of “A Nurse “

The recovery strategy from COVID is an immense challenge, not made any easier by an exhausted workforce that is already overwhelmed and under resourced. Healthcare delivery is changing, and formation of integrated care systems will offer patients equitable access to best practice and high-quality care but the strategic development of how and where services will operate requires expansion of the non-medical workforce.

The Getting it Right First Time (GIRFT) national programme has highlighted the crucial role that specialist urology nurses play in service delivery, and this provides immense opportunities for urology nurses to develop and expand their practice.

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A comprehensive overview of ISC in the female population, looking at the indications, the evidence base and what to do in complex scenarios.

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